Mystic Messenger: Cheritz Notice [FAQ]

This might help in answering any questions you might have on Mystic Messenger...

Also please refer to this post for further information on where to file a report to Cheritz.
Please do keep in mind if you have emailed Cheritz do not file a report or vice versa, in short don't email and report all at the same time, just once is enough.

Mystic Messenger: LIFTING A BAN?!

If you are having trouble with Mystic Messenger or you were banned from the game unjustly, you will be able to play the game again FRIDAY!!

Read the information below!!


Mystic Messenger: Funny Video

If you are reading my blog it's either for one of these three reasons.
  1. Internet sent you here... must be fate XD
  2. Need help with something... WHAT???
  3. Mystic Messenger FANS!! 
 But for whatever reason it is, if you are a MM fan you MUST watch this video!!! I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt so bad, I felt like i couldn't breathe LOL! Looked liked an idiot in the middle of the countryside with my family looking at me and judging me! Also if you have no idea what MM is about, this video summarizes somewhat the main points of the game in a hilarious way! 
(Also totally understand that this might not be funny or interesting to everyone!)

Moving on!!! (btw you can always pause/mute the music)

From: 707

Love the last part though LOL! MC and Jumin it's so True!!!! 
Also poor V, but was laughing so hard! I mean even though he can't see, man the guy sure knows how to be fashionable, his hair is always perfect! BTW, yeap, I didn't have anything better to do! 

The patience and creativity to do all this, AMAZING!! 
Please remember to send them a thank you!! 

Mystic Messenger: Various Artist

Such talent!!! Love it! (Yes I love Jumin and V!)
Do let me know if the links are not working!



Mystic Messenger: Enforcing the Rules

An new update has been recently released!!
1.4.2v Now Available!

Due to game abuse, Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules and if anyone breaks the rules they will be permanently banned from the game!!

Personally, I am guessing for anyone who has used the cheating method of setting up your time back a few hours to open up old chats that were locked, instead of paying 5 hourglass, you are at the risk of getting banned from the game FOREVER! This also applies if you are "farming/growing hourglass" by continuously repeating a specific day/chat. Or using software in order to hack the game, If you are cheating or finding loopholes in the game; STOP what you are doing, especially if you have recently updated to the latest version, and play fairly! I highly doubt you want to run the risk of getting banned 'PERMANENTLY' especially if you paid a ton of money or are a VIP member. By no means this announcement is an exaggeration. Cheritz is very good in fixing our problems fast and efficiently, so I am sure it's easy for them to ban accounts as well. This is just a warning from me to you, if you don't follow the rules then you must pay the consequences. You have been warned.
If you are now asking, 'how do I get hourglass for free because for whatever reason I can't pay..."
Please click the link below.
Deep Story is not FREE!



Mystic Messenger: Who willl you choose??

Hey everyone!
Recently it has been quite popular on who will Marry, Date and Kill?

but now there's a twist...!!

Who will you Marry, Who will become your Lover, Who will you Date, and lastly Kill?

Please don't make this into such big deal, especially on the killing part, just a simple game!


Cheritz will be Closed for the Holidays!

If by any chance you are experiencing any technical difficulties or can't play Mystic Messenger, but you emailed Cheritz... yet no reply! Do not Worry, Cheritz will be Having thanksgiving break! So do not freak out!

Also V might get a route!!!


Pub Encounter: Yorihisa Hodo


Due to Aya being in sick leave, she is now taking advantage in recording some of the games that we have all anxiously been waiting for years!

Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter: Yorihisa Hodo

Aya has recently posted the Prologue and the first chapter of Yorihisa! Do keep in mind, she will not record Mamoru nor Yuze, because they have already been posted! Also, once she finishes, she would like know what other route you would like next. Personally I want Hideaki. If you love Bidding for Love and have been following her for Kyo's main route, which she finally finished *applause*, and you also love older men, this is the game for you! Especially if you are looking for something more sexy, then this is the game for you!

May I present the Yorihisa Hodo- Chapter 1: "Inevitable Concession"

Just in case you know nothing about the game I am talking about!
Over 300,000 players in Japan have experienced Pub Encounter, and now you can too on your smartphone! Download the app for free and fall in love with an older man!


Sorry for the late reply...

Good day everyone,

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything, I work in the background I usually edit and add new information on old post, Aya is mainly in charge of creating new post, but sadly Aya broke her left arm, and will not be online as often. So Chel and I will take over the Talk About Random! Blog for the next few weeks!
Starting today Chel and I, will be replying to all of your questions/comments about Mystic Messenger. So we do apologize for the lateness! If you have any questions about the game do let us know! Also, a quick message from Aya:

"Really sorry everyone! I was in a accident about a week ago, have been in the hospital and currently in bed, sleeping all the time due to the medicine. So if you send me any messages through Line and I have not replied, it's not because I am ignoring you, it's just I am not able to stay up, but I will try to reply when I can!! Thank you all for the support! Will take the chance to record videos instead! Have an awesome and safe day." - Aya
She will be out for some time.
Again if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!



Bidding For Love Kyo

Finally manage to edit and add Bidding For Love: Kyo Chapter 11 (Extra 4 and 10)

Previously I had mention that I would finish all of Kyo's route during the month of June, which I would have, but for some reason while I was uploading the videos an error occurred, and none of the 6 videos could be played. I was frustrated and gave up. Well will retry again and finish Kyo's route by Tuesday... maybe. Remember you can always pause/mute the music playlist.

Have an awesome weekend everyone, stay safe!


MM: What Ending Did I Get? How to Restart Mystic Messenger? Can we get free hourglass?

 They are all ADORABLE!!

Your playing Mystic Messenger when all of a sudden, the game just ends... and you have no idea what's going on!

Yes, this happens a lot. if you are not paying attention, the ending just comes out of nowhere and you are left with a bunch of questions, the top one being 
Now what do I do? 
This post will also explain in detail 'how to restart?' & 'Can we get free Hourglasses?' & 'Can we get Deep Story free?'

MM: Jumin Bad End

Hi everyone,

I just realized my blog has been super popular, thank you all for your awesome support!!!
Have updated the music playlist, so you can always change it, if the music is not to your liking or if you have any suggestions, leave a comment!

Recently have received a ton of messages, if I can post the bad endings, specifically for Deep Story. Since many of you are not able to purchase the route. So after much debate decided that I will post just the last part of Bad End 2 of Jumin.


Let me know if you are able to view the pics, i might still have them locked and maybe you are not able to view them yet. So let me know!


>>>> BAD END: JUMIN <<<<


Questions About Mystic Messenger...

Good evening everyone,

For the past few weeks I have been receiving many awesome questions through email or the comments section. Sadly, I sometimes don't reply fast enough to be able to help you out of that particular predicament,

So I have decided to share my
LINE ID: aya_144
In order for me to respond faster to any questions or concerns about Mystic Messenger or anything related to my blog. So don't hesitate to contact me, trust me I will be able to respond right away or at least in the next 6 hours for sure.

Just let me know that you got my ID from my blog, and I won't think you are a random stranger or creeper. ^^


Mystic Messenger: Requests

Good MORNING everyone!!

Glad that everyone is enjoying the game to the fullest and understanding on how to pay!


A have had a bunch of requests to post ALL SPOILERS FOR THE CG'S! INCLUDING V's ROUTE!!




Mystic Messenger: CG

Good evening everyone,

First of all wanted to say thank you to the people who have been helping me out answering a few questions, that I myself was not aware for Mystic Messenger; also for taking the time and reading my random blog, with messed up grammar and spelling!

Now to the main topic of the day: CG
Many of you have sent me plenty of messages requesting Spoilers (which will not add till the Apple version comes out, I know they are experiencing a few difficulties with the game so please have patience), So no Spoilers will be posted on the story plot!

I mean if I just reveal the Extra 1 & 2....

Your whole world will turn upside down or you will go berserk. So in order to prevent that. No spoilers will be posted as of now. I do apologize to those who have been waiting forever!

Instead here is a pic... hope you forgive me:
 So adorable!!!!!!!!!


Mystic Messenger: Extra

How do you open up the extra story?
First of all,
Personally I would finish ALL of CASUAL STORY, then start Deep Story, with JUMIN STORY FIRST AND 707 LAST!!


Music Playlist Updated

Music Playlist has been Updated! I know it gets boring after a while tried to add as many songs as possible, still adding a few here and there, but I ran out of time, due to work and school.

Hopefully you love my taste in music!
If you have any suggestions do let me know, and I will gladly add it to the playlist!
Just leave the name of the song and artist or the link in the comment section below, remember even those who do now have a google account can leave me a comment! just pick anonymous.

Mystic Messenger: Photo Album has been posted!
Spoiler Alert: 
Here is the link: 


News Update:
Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules!
If you are cheating or finding loopholes I would stop or run the risk of being permanently banned from the game forever!!!
More information on the link below:
>>> Mystic Messenger: Enforcing the Rules! <<<
Happy 2016 Summer or Winter Everyone!!

Mystic Messenger: Hearts

How to earn Hearts? How do I get good end using the Hearts? What is the importance of the Hearts? What if my Hearts are not popping up or are not being added?? Broken Black Heart?
So you are having Heart Problems? By that I mean the game of course.

Do not tell the guy he has mental health issues, even when he is going psycho on you and keeping you away from the world, that's not the proper way to earn HEARTS!!!

Mystic Messenger: Phone Calls

When to call? Why? What's the point of calling? Should I return the call? How much does it cost?? Where do I get the unlimited calling card? I don't know what to do!!! HELP!!!